Booja-Booja have won over 140 awards.

Hello my name is River and welcome to Booja-Booja Events. I would love to share with you a bit about how it all started.

My family's business is The Booja-Booja Company. My father started it over 20 years ago from our kitchen with the mission of creating the most delicious vegan and organic confectionery the world has ever tasted! Booja-Booja have since won over 140 awards including 46 great taste awards for their vegan ice cream and chocolate truffles. 

Back in 2016 I noticed that there was a disappointing amount of vegan ice cream options available at the events I was attending. I decided I wanted to combine my passion for events with my love of Booja-Booja and so Booja-Booja Events was born!


Our mission is simple, to bring award winning Booja-Booja ice cream to weddings and events across the land.

Pinkie, as she is affectionately 


And so the cogs started to turn. I designed the tuk tuk to efficiently serve hungry festival goers but also beautiful and unique for luxury weddings.


After months of hard work and a few hair raising moments learning how to drive a tuk tuk! Pinkie was born. Cute, pink and perfectly formed. 

​​Since then we have been invited to so many wonderful weddings and festivals serving our premium, vegan ice cream. As well as bringing a special sparkle to birthday parties and corporate events. Watching peoples cheeky grins as they experience Booja-Booja for the first time makes me a very happy lady.

River Mace


Vegan ice cream cone

Although closely related, The Booja-Booja Comapany is a separate business to Booja-Booja Events. To discover the full array of wonderful treats as well as local stockists please click on over to The Booja-Booja website.